Free State Cricket Coach Education department strives to run high quality coaching courses to upskill and educate coaches in the province on both WHAT to coach (the “science”) and HOW to coach (the “art”). By doing this we hope to develop coaches that can develop not only better players but better people, no matter what age or ability.

There is a certain criteria and structure that coaches need to be aware of if they want to register for a course. Firstly, they have to attend the orientation course, which is the preparatory phase. The orientation course is equivalent to the previous Level I course (pre-2005).  Attendance at the Orientation Course is desired, but not compulsory. This will depend on the playing/coaching experience and the cricket knowledge of the candidate. The only requirement for the Orientation Course is that candidates must be at least 16 years of age. Candidates who are present for the duration of the Orientation Course, which is 6 hours, will receive a certificate of attendance from the relevant provincial office.

Secondly, candidates have to attend the revised level I course, which is basic skills coach. Candidates who wish to register for the Level I Course must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years. The minimum number of candidates required to conduct a course is 10. All candidates are required to write a preliminary ‘general cricket knowledge’ test, based on the content of the Orientation Course.  An 80% pass mark will be required to continue with Level I.

Lastly, candidates have to attend the revised level II course, which is intermediate skills coach. Candidates who wish to register for the Level II Course must be at least 21 years of age. A candidate must either have been in possession of a Revised Level I certificate for at least 12 months or be an existing / qualified Level II Coach (pre-2005 certificate) or must have played representative cricket (at first-class level).

For more information please contact:

Name:  Rafeek Ismail